Who is Roaming Dixie?

Writing this about me section is funny, because here you are trying to find out who I am and what I’m all about when in reality, I haven’t quite figured all that out yet. What I do know is that I’m a twenty-something college student living in the “Famously Hot” Columbia, South Carolina.  I say y’all, yes ma’am, and no sir more often than I should.  I love the summer, peonies, and anything and everything Garnet and Black.  I’m not a fan of the cold, vegetables, or the colors orange and purple.

I have a huge, crazy, loud family with a rambunctious black lab puppy to match.  We live all over the East Coast and it takes an Act of God to get us all together in one room, but when it does happen, it takes a second miracle to get us all to go our separate ways again.

I love to cook and claim I am a master chef  but I really only have a small handful of go-to recipes that I brag about when the time comes.  I spend way too much time shopping at J.Crew and Loft and my bank account hates me for it.  My parents grew up in a small beach town where all the locals know each other and you spent your spare time long boarding to the beach, surf board in tow, and I am determined to settle in a town just like that.

I am very Type-A (you’ll never see me without a list), always right, stubborn, and my friends claim I’m as predictable as the sun rising.  In an effort to prove them wrong (I told you I was stubborn!), I accepted an internship position in Atlanta, Georgia and moved down to a new city where my closest friend is nearly 150 miles away.  I plan on keeping this blog as a testament to my terrible luck, even worse sense of direction, and the antics that are bound to ensue as a result during my summer-long adventure.

Cross your fingers and wish me luck!

Roaming Dixie

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