Bucket List

It’s my first Friday night in Atlanta and here I am sitting on my bed in my tiny apartment, blogging and watching Netflix.  It has finally hit me that I’m in a strange city and I don’t have anyone to fall back on.  I am so far out of my comfort zone but I didn’t move away from the familiar to realize that I am predictable and like to play it safe (I mostly don’t want to hear the I told ya so‘s later).  It is easy to say now, in my comfy warm bed, that I am not going to let this fear of trying something new keep me from enjoying this amazing experience I have in front of me.  Thus, in true Roaming Dixie form, I created a list: my Atlanta Bucket List.  15 things I want to do before I head back to sunny South Carolina in August.  Starting tomorrow.

Cross your fingers and wish me luck!



(P.S. If you’re from the area and there is anything I should add to my list, comment and let me know!  I always have room for more fun!)